A Few Words About Us

At Ticket Fan, we are experts in sporting events. Our professional trajectory, our passion for football, and the location of our company in Madrid have led us to specialize in the sale of tickets for Real Madrid CFmatches.

What is Ticket Fan?

We are a company with over a decade of experience in the marketing of tickets for major sports competitions. Over these years, we have provided our services to clients worldwide who have been able to watch their favorite team live.

As an agency registered in Spain, we have a physical headquarters in Madrid through which we personally manage the entire process: from purchase to delivery of the tickets. In addition, if you have any questions, we will answer them directly through the contact method you prefer.

At Ticket Fan, you will find the best tickets to attend all Real Madrid CFmatches. We offer you the opportunity to watch Real Madrid CFcompete in La Liga, the Champions League, or the Copa del Rey. You can even purchase tickets for the most in-demand matches like El Cl√°sico or the most crucial stages of the Champions League. Enjoy one of the world’s best teams live!

Thanks to our category-based sales system, you can select the tickets that best suit your budget and preferences. At Ticket Fan, we have the best seats in the stadium in areas like Super Premium Category, Cat 1 Premium, or Cat 1, and more economical options in Cat 1 Alta, Cat 2, or Cat 3.

For us, the most important thing is for you to enjoy the experience and to guarantee that every ticket you buy from Ticket Fan will give you access to watch Real Madrid CFlive. That’s why our team is physically present at every Real Madrid CFmatch with an emergency phone to answer possible queries about stadium access.

Secure your tickets to watch Real Madrid CF100% securely!

Why choose us?

  • The international team at Ticket Fan will advise you and answer any of your questions.
  • We offer direct contact and personal treatment in each of your requests. We will be delighted to help you have the best experience throughout the purchase process.
  • Our company is located in Madrid’s capital, which allows us to manage any incident and ticket delivery directly.
  • You can contact us through our chat, our email, or our phone, and you will always receive the information you need.

Why is attending a live Real Madrid CFmatch at the Bernabéu unforgettable?

Every match at the Bernab√©u is a celebration where football is the star. It all starts hours before the sporting event. The streets near the stadium fill with fans proudly and smilingly wearing the color white. The team’s anthems play non-stop. Everyone shares the same feeling: they want their favorite team to win.

Inside the Bernab√©u, the excitement is palpable among every spectator. They are in their team’s legendary stadium, meters away from their idols. One of the most incredible moments is when the anthem plays and the fans sing as if they were a single voice. Absolutely thrilling! But nothing compares to being able to celebrate, alongside thousands of fans, a brilliant Real Madrid CFgoal. All fans get excited, overflowing with joy celebrating that goal with hugs, shouts. Happiness is complete when Real Madrid CFwins, and all worries are forgotten, everything seems more beautiful.

Each of these moments is priceless. Enjoy an unforgettable memory watching your favorite team thanks to Ticket Fan!